Recording Process with Kurtis Clay


Working with voice over artist and voice actor Kurtis Clay is easy…

  • Review the various voice over and character voice demos within the website.
  • Contact Kurtis for a FREE voice over sample, or character voice audition.
  • Supply your voice over recording script for Kurtis Clay to record and deliver.
  • Share your desired voice over budget and a date you desire the work performed.
  • Review the audition and share your feedback PRIOR to the actual master recording session.
  • If you wish to co-direct Kurtis Clay via Skype patch this is an option prior to recording.
  • Remit your deposit and/or payment using the PayPal button located within the website.
  • Then justĀ  check your email and enjoy your master recordings sent within 24 – 48 hours.

It can not be easier to audition, cast, pay and work with Kurtis Clay Voice Overs. Request your FREE audition now.

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