Recording Process with Kurtis Clay


Working with voice over artist and voice actor Kurtis Clay is easy…

Review the various voice over, narraton and character voice over DEMOS within the website. Then contact Kurtis for a FREE voice over sample, or character voice audition. Supply your voice over recording script for Kurtis Clay to record and deliver. Share your desired voice over budget and a date you desire the work performed. Review the audition and share your feedback PRIOR to the actual master recording session.

If you wish to co-direct Kurtis Clay via Skype Audio Patch is an option prior to recording. Lastly remit your deposit and/or payment using the PayPal button located within the website. Then just check your email and enjoy your master recordings sent within 24 to 48 hours.

It can not be easier to audition, cast, pay and work with Kurtis Clay Voice Overs. Request your FREE Audition Now Here.