Kamen Rider Drive

Yes I have discussed this show before. But not a specific series.

Recently I’ve been watching Kamen Rider Drive, and I think I can safely assume this is my current favorite Rider series.

Basically, the plot of this series revolves around a cop by the name of Shinnosuke Tomari, who finds out that he can use the police’s secret weapon “Drive System”. This system is run by a belt of all things by the name of Krim Steinbelt, affectionately referred to as Mr Belt who may or may not have a human mind and heart in his belt form. With Belt’s help, Shinnosuke becomes Kamen Rider Drive. It’s up to Drive and the rest of the Special Crimes Unit to defeat the Roidmudes, an evil group that can disguise themselves as humans, from causing chaos with their Slowdown abilities.

Slowdown is exactly as it sounds, they slow down time for everyone excluding themselves. Thr only way to break out of it is to have a certain machine that stops Density Shift from affecting you, or having Shift Cars, the collectable gimmick of that series. The leader of the Roidmudes, is the monster with a lot of joy, Heart. His comrades Brain and Medic, both equally as hammy, are part of the Roidmudes as well, along with the ever mysterious Chaser.

Of course, there isnt just one Kamen Rider in Drive, but two! Actually three but thats a spoiler. The other one is Mach, a Japanese man who came back from America to help with the Roidmude case. People rag on him for being too cocky and arrogant, but hey he’s definitely a very interesting rider, especially when the story delves into his backstory. His belt, the Mach Driver, uses Signal Bikes as opposed to Shift Cars, which have similar properties, even having little quirks and personality traits like the Shift Cars did.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the series.