Choujin Sentai Jetman

A show I’ve been recently watching goes under the name “Choujin Sentai Jetman”. It’s a show from the Super Sentai (basically, where Saban gets their footage for Power Rangers from) series, premiering in 1991.

The plot is centered around 5 individuals (Ryu, Gai, Raito, Ako, and Kaori) joining forces against the evil Vyram who plots to destroy planet Earth in their rampage across the universe.

Each of them can transform into one of the 5 Jetman, color coded for your convenience: Ryu is red, Gai is black, Raito is yellow, Ako is blue, and Kaori is white. Each of them are also based on different birds: Hawk, Condor, Owl, Swallow, and Swan.

What I love most about this show is that its actually pretty deep and sometimes even dark at times. That, and the characters are absolutely wonderful, with special mention going to Gai Yuki. Seriously, take everything you know about what a Power Ranger is supposed to be, and turn it on its head. He’s a very aggressive person. He smokes, he drinks, he starts fights and conflicts; and yet, he’s loyal. He cares about his teammates especially Kaori and Ryu (though he tries his best to pretend like he could care less about Ryu.) Even the VILLAINS are interesting, special mention going to Grey and Maria.

Not only that, but the action, cinematography, the suits, and even effects are absolutely amazing for their time. The music is absolutely perfect as well, with the special mention going to “Honoo no Condor”, Gai’s theme. Oh, and remember when I said this series was dark at times? Well, people die a LOT. And no, they don’t come back. That and the action is pretty grizzly at certain points, ESPECIALLY from Gai and Radiguet, one of the more major villains. Now you know why they picked up Zyuranger (which would become Mighty Morphin’ Power rangers) instead of this.

Overall, this series is amazing and I still need to finish it up.